Facebook Marketing Consultant – OMA

We are a group of Facebook Marketing lovers and business results-driven people.

OMA is specialized in SMBs who wants to improve or start their advertising on Facebook.
We changed many business stories.

We are based in Europe – Italy CET but we can deliver worldwide.
Languages spoke: EnglishItalian and Spanish.

We work on projects.

Being unique and showing off your brand personality is the right way to approach Facebook marketing and if you have a good plan you’ll go very far.

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What does OMA do?


We split the Facebook Marketing process in 3 part:

Starting with an Analysis that you can get for free we pass to the Project level.

Not all SMBs will pass the Analysis step.

We analyze data and plan the strategy. We’ll implant everything and we”ll be monitoring 24H in order to adjust the strategy.


We analyze your Facebook Page, your website and your past campaigns. Every data can be used for a better understanding of your potential customers and for a correct plan of the project.


We build a strategy that works to reach your goals and all the things that go with it. From setting KPIs to plan actions online and offline. We’ll be right beside you from the beginning till the end.


Setting up rules in your ad account will help to keep costs in the right way. By monitoring your campaign consistently we’ll be able to fix your ads in the most important time: always!

Facebook Marketing Online Coffee Break

A coffee together?

Wondering you are doing everything in the right way? Have no ideas about where to go?… An easy and friendly time spend together can help!

We launched the  Online Espresso Break 

Easy apply with the form… Your Italian espressolaughing is on its way!


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